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K1 2021 Visa Processing Time, who is eligible and how to process it?

Do you want to have time to take advantage of your vacations or meet with your partner? Has the idea of ​​having a child been raised and wants to marry you? If you are looking for time to plan ahead, then it is important that you know how K1 visa processing works. In this article, we will explain the different options available and the necessary requirements to process it in the United States.

What is the K1 visa?

The K1 visa allows the fiancé of a United States citizen to enter the United States, as long as the couple marries within a k1 visa processing time 2021 no more than ninety (90) days. The newly married spouse can apply for permanent residence (green card) based on marriage.

How do you know if the K1 visa is right for you?

In some cases, the applicant may skip the fiancé visa process and go directly to get married and apply for a permanent residence (Green Card). This decision depends on where you live, how long you want to wait to be with your partner and other important factors that directly influence.

What is the processing time for the K-1 visa?

The average time it takes to process a K-1 visa petition is around six (6) months. However, there is no official guarantee on this time and it may change depending on the country where you live or work. Also, if your case is under review by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) it could take longer as well.

k1 visa processing time 2021

How do you apply for the K-1 visa?

You should have all the required documents listed on Form I-129F (Petition for a K visa) completed and signed, along with the pertinent photographs that will tell the USCIS how you currently appear, this is also important to expedite your K1 2021 visa processing time. In addition, you must also include copies of the original passport and the corresponding forms duly filled out. You will be notified by email or also by phone when it is ready and you must send the documentation through the SEVIS system (Registration System for Foreign Visitors) that is administered by the National Security Department.

What requirements are necessary in your K1 2021 visa processing time?

You choose whether to marry inside or outside the United States, but ideally you would have your marriage registered with a local consulate or office in the United States. In the case that you are currently working, the documentation will also include your I-94 form and a recent color photograph along with other additional requirements depending on the country where you reside.

Remember to have all the information listed because if you forget any of these things they could delay your processing further. There is no official guarantee on this time as well, but it is important to consider this information to better plan for your future.

What steps do you need to take?

The following points are very useful and have to be done to prepare: if you choose to marry within the United States it will be necessary to obtain a marriage certificate issued by the Autonomous Municipal Department or School District where you were married along with the Civil Registry list ( certificate) and also have a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate (certificate).

If you choose to marry abroad, you will also be required to obtain documentation from the civil registry where you married along with any other type of special permission if requested. Keep in mind that there are countries that do not need these permits to get married so check your options before starting the paperwork. You both also need to have a certified copy of the acceptance letter from USCIS.

You will also need to have the Form I-134 (Affidavit for Nonimmigrants) if you are not a permanent resident and, in addition, you will be notified by email or also phone calls when it is ready. Your SEVIS system will now be activated and, if necessary, you will be able to request assistance from local authorities when depositing your Form I-797C (Form I-129F Approval Notice) within the stipulated time. Average time is three (3) days but may vary depending on location and business hours.

If you would like more information about the K1 visa or would like legal support during the process, please feel to contact us at +1 (909) 490-3833, visit us at 228 West C Street Ontario CA 91762 or contact us through the following form. Our legal team will be ready to help you with everything you need.

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