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4 Reasons Why a Legal Resident May Be Deported

A deportation is the act of removing an individual or group from a country. It can be done for different reasons, but most often it is because the person in question has violated immigration laws. Deportation does not happen very often, and usually only to people who are not citizens or legal residents of the country they are living in. A deportation could result in travel restrictions being imposed on that individual by their home country upon return. This blog post will discuss four reasons why a legal resident may be deported:

Reason 1: Criminal offenses

Criminal violations carry stiff penalties that affect both citizens and non-citizens alike; however immigrants in deportation hearings are more likely to be deported for criminal offenses than U.S citizens, especially if the person has been previously removed from the country. Even misdemeanors can result in deportation for people who have entered illegally or overstayed their visas. There are exceptions that may allow certain individuals charged with crimes to stay in the US – but only under extreme circumstances .

Reason 2: Security reasons

If deportation proceedings are initiated because of national security concerns, the person in question may never be able to return. This is a very serious decision and usually happens after much investigation – if at all. Deportation hearings due to this reason can last for several years before coming to any resolution.

Reason 3: Failure to register and falsification of documents

Legal residents must complete specific forms when applying for citizenship so that they do not lose status for failure to comply with additional requirements beyond the annual tax return. For example, all legal residents 18 years of age or older must complete Form AR-11, change of address within ten days of moving and also re-register through their local DMV. Another ground for deportation is a conviction for fraud or falsification of documents related to obtaining immigration status.

Reason 4: Inadmissibility upon entry, adjustment of status or violation of status

Landing in the US with a visa is not always guaranteed. Prior to entering the country, individuals must prove they are eligible for an immigration benefit (such as staying longer than normal) and that they will abide by immigration laws while visiting. If any of these criteria are not met, it is called “inadmissibility upon entry.” In this case, deportation proceedings may be initiated before the person leaves the country.

In addition to inadmissibility upon entry, deportation can result if an individual overstays their visa or adjusts their status and becomes a legal resident of the US without going through proper channels – such as marrying a citizen and applying for permanent residency. Failure to reapply after one’s term has ended could also lead to deportation proceedings. Finally, any time someone violates immigration laws (such as working with false documents), they open themselves up for deportation hearings.


This blog post has discussed deportation and four reasons why legal residents may be deported. Deportation can result from inadmissibility to entry, adjustment of status, or violation of immigration laws; criminal offenses such as a misdemeanor that carries a harsh penalty affecting both citizens and non-citizens; failure to register and falsification of documents; security concerns based on national security. For more information about deportation proceedings please contact our experienced Ontario, California deportation lawyer at Superior Justice for a consultation. We have helped many people find their way back home over the years! Thank you for reading this article, we hope it has been informative! Please feel free to share it with your friends if they could benefit from the information.

4 reason why a legal resident may be deported

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