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7 Reason for Visa Rejection: What should I do if your visa is denied?

The United States of America is one of the most popular countries in the world. That’s why it can be so frustrating when you apply for a visa and get rejected. There are many reasons your visa application could be denied, but there are also ways to appeal this decision. In this blog estrada we show you: “7 Reasons for visa rejection” and what to do if you have been denied visa.

Reason number one: Educational Requirements

The first most common reason why people have their visas denied is because they do not meet the education requirements set by US law. In order to obtain a tourist or student visa in the United States of America, a person must prove that they possess at least a high school diploma or equivalent degree from an academic institution recognized as legitimate abroad. If someone does not fulfill these requirements then there is no way for them obtaining any kind of visa within those categories since having only completed primary studies implies that said person does not meet the minimum requirements for a visa.

Reason number two: Insufficient Information

The second most common reason why people get their visas denied is because they did not provide enough information when applying, such as phone numbers and addresses where they will be staying in the United States. The main point here is that you must give all essential information on your application form, including any additional documents if applicable (such as an invitation letter from someone living in USA). If this documentation was incomplete then it might lead to them denying your visa. For example, US authorities are very strict about checking up with family members abroad before issuing someone a visa since overstaying by even one day can result in deportation proceedings against anyone already issued a visa or entering illegally into USA.

7 reason for visa rejection

7 Reasons for visa rejection

Reason number three: False information

The third most common reason why someone can have their visa denied is because they provide false information on the application form. Even if you are not trying to mislead US authorities, any minor inaccuracy in your documents can lead to a denial. If it’s found out that you gave incorrect details about yourself then there is no way for them approving such visa application and so might result in an automatic rejection without further consideration. So always remember to double check everything before signing the final version!

Reason number four: Criminal record

Another very important factor which could lead to getting your visa rejected – even though this situation does happen frequently enough – would be having prior criminal convictions or arrests within USA and/or other countries where you were previously residing. US law makes it very clear that anyone with any past criminal convictions will not be issued a visa to enter their territory, especially if said conviction occurred within the last five years or there are other signs of poor character at play (such as multiple arrests). In this case your application is going straight into the bin without further consideration since they do not need to review such evidence in detail.

7 reasons for visa rejection

7 Reasons for visa rejection

Reason number five: Previous Deportations.

Another common reason why someone might get denied from obtaining a tourist visa would be because they have been previously deported back home by USA authorities due to committing an immigration violation. There’s no denying it – deportation for whatever reason does show a certain level of disregard towards laws and regulations set up by US legislation which goes against their efforts to ensure that everyone who enters their territory is there to follow the rules. If at any point in time someone has been deported from USA then they are automatically disqualified for being issued with a visa unless it’s proven that they have lived ten years or more overseas since this event took place.

Reason number six: Poor financial stability

The sixth most common reason why people get denied when applying for student visas is because they cannot prove having enough money available to cover all living expenses while studying abroad in USA – including tuition fees, accommodation and food costs! Even though US authorities understand how difficult it can be to save up some cash whenever you’re not working full-time (especially if your studies require attending classes on weekday mornings), you must still show them proof of financial stability since otherwise they will most likely suspect that you’re going to work illegally after arriving there.

Reason number seven: Translated documents

When applying for a US visa, it’s important that all your documents are translated into English or Spanish and then submitted along with the original version in their native language! If this is not possible – which isn’t always an easy thing to do by any means – be sure to at least make use of a certified translation service so as to avoid receiving any annoying rejection letters from authorities stating something was not clearly understandable. After all, if they cannot read what has been written on your application form then how can they approve such visa? This is just common sense really…

What to do if my visa is denied? Contact us urgently!

What to do if your U.S. visa is cancelled? In the event of a visa cancellation, the SRE maintains that only a U.S. consular officer will have the power to grant the document again. The SRE stresses that it is not recommended to hire lawyers or agents when applying for a visa again.

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