K3 Visa Application: Processing time for k3 visa

K3 Visa Application: Visa processing time and everything you need to know

If you have been thinking about traveling to the United States, you may have heard about the K3 Visa. What is the K3 Visa Application? How to apply for it? How long does the K3 Visa take? Can a K3 Visa be denied? There are many doubts that arise when you have the idea of applying for this visa, so we have prepared this post for all those interested in knowing more about it.

What is a K3 Visa Application?

The K nonimmigrant visa classification enables fiancé(e)s or spouses of U.S citizens coming from abroad to enter the United States and marry their sponsor in 90 days after entry so they can adjust status to permanent resident (green card holder). This visa allows you one time only entrance into USA with an expiration date that specifies when you must get married before departure form North America country . How long does my fiance/spouse have on his/her K Visa? Once admitted into USA, your spouse has six months until the expiration date on the Visa to enter into a valid marriage with you. If you do not marry within those six months, your spouse will be required to leave USA as soon as his/her Visa expires and make sure it is before any legal proceedings are involved.

How to apply for a k3 visa?

The Visa K-Visa application is generally submitted to US Embassy in person on your own by filing I-129F petition package with necessary documentation. You can also hire a private Visa consultant/lawyer who will handle everything for you including visiting the US embassy and submitting all required paperwork correctly so it can be processed without any problems.

How long does it take to apply for a K Visa (K3-Visa)?

The processing time varies depending on your case, but generally takes around three months from filing until an interview at the U.S Embassy/Consulate is scheduled and approved by both governments involved in this process. Can I pay extra fee to get my visa faster? No, there is no express or rush service available when applying for a K Visa through ACM Global Services Inc.. Is there any way to expedite the process if needed? Yes! If you have been invited by someone who lives in North America, they can file an I-129F petition for you which will allow them to request Visa Premium Processing. If approved by the USCIS, your visa should be processed within 15 calendar days instead of 25 business days.

Can Visa K3 be denied?

Visa issuance to a foreign fiance (or spouse) is at the discretion of USCIS and can get Visa application rejected if there are insufficient proof documents submitted with petition package. It should also be noted that Visa approval or denial does not depend on financial status, medical condition, personal behavior / background etc., but rather already existing immigration related reasons such as family ties (if any), previous marriage history in USA/abroad, criminal records in past countries of residence for certain time periods after age 16 .

Is Visa K3 still available?

Yes it is! There have been rumors going around about K-Visa no longer being issued by US Department of State who work together with USCIS when processing Visa applications. This might have occurred during initial Visa application stages when Visa demand was very high and Visa quotas were reached fast, making it hard or even impossible to get Visa approval with the current general processing time being around four months. Another reason might be due to USCIS wanting more proof documents submitted with petition package by fiancé/spouse instead of what used to be previously required thus causing a Visa backlog.

Recommend K3-Visa?

It really depends on a variety of factors such as person Bilateral Visa processing time, USCIS filing fee cost and demand for Visa which changes from year to year with current quota status being either limited or unlimited depending if persons were able to get approved during previous years when quotas were reached fast. In addition, Visa costs are divided into two parts which include petition processing fee of USD 355 paid to USCIS and Visa cost itself payable directly at US Embassy. Visa fees vary depending on country where you are applying from but for example in Mexico it is USD 160 plus an additional 61USD around 40% extra charges imposed by Mexican Government thus making the total amount to be paid around USD 245.

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For more details on the K Visa, processing times and visa fees, feel to contact us at Superior Justice, where we can assist you with your fiancé (or spouse) requirements in the City of Ontario, California for a private professional consultation with no obligation.

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