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VISA E: Quick Guide for Investor, Merchand and Australian

The E Visa is an excellent option for international entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in the United States. It is worth noting that there are three different types of visas under this category: Investor, Merchant, and Australian Worker VISA’s. This article will cover the basics of what each type consists of and how you can qualify for one.

VISA E: What it is about and types of visas E

The VISA E is considered a “Treaty VISA” which are available to citizens of countries with whom the United States has entered into certain treaties. There are currently five treaty nations with whom this VISA can be applied for, these include: Australia, Chile, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea.

Investor VISA

The VISA E investor VISA is considered a nonimmigrant visa which enables the holder to enter into the United States for the purpose of investing in a business, or starting one from scratch.

One major requirement that applicants must meet includes having an established net worth (equity) of at least $100,000. Applicants are also required to prove that the VISA will benefit the United States economy, culture or welfare of society in some way, by creating new jobs for U.S workers and/or generating capital investment within the country

Merchant VISA

The VISA E merchant VISA is considered a nonimmigrant visa which enables its holder to enter into the United States for purposes such as selling merchandise they manufacture abroad .

Applicants must be able to provide documentation proving their intent on establishing a business and providing goods they have manufactured out of one’s home nation. This does not include items imported from outside sources (other than those who may assist in administrative requirements). The final major applicants need meet includes having an established business within their home nation and a VISA E investor VISA.

Australian VISA

The VISA E Australian work VISA is considered a nonimmigrant visa which enables its holder to enter into the United States for purposes such as working at an American business they have invested in .

Applicants must be able to provide documentation proving that they are an employee of the company, as well as having previously obtained approval from USCIS on Form I-526 Petition, or Form I-140 Immigrant Petition. The final requirement applicants need meet includes demonstrating either: having $500,000 USD ($250K if married) in capital investments; creating ten full time jobs with U.S employers during each over two years prior to application; or having an established VISA E investor VISA.

How to apply for an VISA

The following steps outline the general process in which applicants need to follow when applying for a VISA under this category:

Research and decide on your desired VISA type (E Investor, Merchant or Australian Worker) and what you will be using it for; as well as whether there are any additional requirements needed. Apply online through USCIS forms I-129S OR Form DS-160 – Once approved by USCIS, schedule an interview appointment at the nearest U.S consulate/embassy where they would like to pick up their passport containing their new visas within ten days of approval date . The visa is valid only until the expiration date on the applicant’s passport.

What are the VISA requirements to obtain an E visa?

The VISA requirements to meet the minimum qualifications for each type of VISA include: 

  1. Having a clean criminal record
  2. Passing medical tests and being able to demonstrate that one meets the financial stability in their home nation or country
  3. Applicants must also have enough money saved to pay off any debts they have before entering America under this VISA category.
  4. This amount is determined by personal circumstances, but generally ranges from $30,000 to $50,000 ($20,000 if married).
  5. Proof that you are able to support yourself financially while living within the borders of the United States may involve providing proof of bank accounts, foreign income, ownership of property, etc.
  6. These types of VISA also require applicants to be able to demonstrate that they have an established investor E VISA which may include: having a business plan, demonstrating experience in operating the type of business you wish to open or invest in, and, providing documentation evidencing your VISA status.

How long does the VISA last?

The VISA generally lasts anywhere from three months up until five years depending on what it is for (i.e.: Australian Worker visa), making sure to pay close attention to when extensions may be needed along with other requirements such as updating medical records every year . It’s very important not only do these requirements need filled before applying but must continue being met while within America under this VISC category otherwise one risks being deported.

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