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Superior Justice is a Hispanic-owned and operated law firm. It was created in 1994 on the principle that Hispanics have a right to justice in the face of immigration abuse and discrimination.

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Superior Justice is team of attorneys and paralegals has more than 30 years of experience and has helped immigrants obtain legal residency and citizenship.

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Dedication to our clients

Founded on the principle that Hispanics have the right to justice for the abuse and unfair treatment of immigrants

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Outstanding service

The goal is to help the Hispanic community obtain the best legal representation in all areas of law.

Hispanic Community Attorneys in Ontario, California

Superior Justice is an association of lawyers in Ontario, California, committed to the Latino-Hispanic community, we work as a team and we have lawyers specialized in each subject to provide the client with the best possible personalized attention.
Our law firm is located in Ontario, USA, we focus on providing a specialized service to Latino immigrants who wish to perform legal procedures that are requested in that country, we have consultations to advise you on any legal issue.
The study has specialists in each branch of law, so that each client can turn to us for any adverse situation that arises, both in family law, labor law, civil law and commercial law, tax law and especially in cases of immigration to the USA.

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At Superior Justice we have Latino attorneys who will help you in every area needed. We have a specialist in each area of the law.

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Superior Justice: The Ontario California law firm you can trust.

The Law Office of Patricia Mireles works with its clients to find the best possible solution for each client’s unique situation and objectives. We bring to this effort our experience and commitment to providing the highest level of personalized service.

The law firm of Superior Justice has over 30 years of experience and leadership in the legal, estate, civil, personal injury, immigration and probate fields. Our network of Hispanic attorneys will work with you to find the best possible solution to adverse legal situations, pursuing each client’s unique goals. Consult with our attorneys about any legal problem, we assure commitment and a high level of personalized service. CALL NOW!

Legal problems in your job?

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Have you been fired from your job and not received severance pay? Does your employer make you work long hours and you feel you are not being compensated fairly? Have you been fired without justification? Have you experienced any type of discrimination in the workplace? A good employment lawyer in Ontario California, California, can help you fight for your rights and proper compensation. Your hard work contributes to your employer’s success and you deserve recognition.

At Superior Justice, we want to help you assert your rights and obtain the severance pay to which you are entitled. We have extensive experience advising you on employment matters, our attorneys have in-depth knowledge in the field and will be able to move your case forward.

Wage claims

Is your salary lower than the one established by your collective bargaining agreement? Contact us. At the law firm of Superior Justice we will demand that your base salary is at least the one established by the collective bargaining agreement corresponding to your category of employee and your company’s line of business.

Occupational accidents

If you have suffered an accident at your workplace, you are entitled to compensation for the accident you suffered. Our association of lawyers in Ontario, USA, can advise you on the claim that you should address to your employer and what compensation can be claimed. 

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Tax Attorney Ontario California

We are often faced with the complicated process of filing business and personal taxes. Filing for bankruptcy can be a very difficult decision. At Superior Justice we want to help you and alleviate the stress caused by these serious problems, taking responsibility for these issues so that no mistakes are made and there are no consequences for mismanagement.

We have the best tax lawyers who will guide you in matters related to personal taxes, business taxes, debts, frozen bank accounts, avoiding foreclosures, garnished wages and creditor harassment… Knowing whether to file and how to file can make all the difference. Hiring the right California bankruptcy attorney can change your life and provide relief from a current stressful situation. Has a business judgment been entered against you? Do not hesitate to call us.

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Best divorce lawyers Ontario California

Have you made the decision to break up your marriage and want a divorce? At Superior Justice, we are committed to helping residents throughout Onratio, California County. We have the best divorce lawyers in Ontario California and can advise you on divorce law and how you can address the legal aspects of marriage breakdown, including divorce proceedings and filings, child custody issues, spousal and child support issues, prenuptial agreements, mediations, among other issues we address at our Ontario law firm.

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High-profile criminal defense attorneys

Have you been charged with a crime in Ontario California? Traffic ticket, drug, theft or murder? At Superior Justice we fight to reduce or dismiss the criminal charges associated with your name. We have the best criminal defense attorneys in Ontario, CA, who will look out for your rights and present a vigorous defense on your behalf. 

At our firm you will find affordable, inexpensive, experienced criminal defense attorneys with a high success rate in most of our cases, so don’t hesitate to call us!

If you have been charged with a criminal case you don’t have time to waste to find a criminal defense lawyer that can you can afford. The government has unlimited resources as you probably do not. Especially if you have been falsely accused, don’t be bullied into accepting a plea deal. Let us help you fight for justice! The right criminal attorney in southern California can help you get your life back on track

Immigration Cases

Are you planning or would you like to immigrate to the United States to invest, work or simply visit the big city? At Superior Justice we have a network of the best Hispanic attorneys who will be able to advise you throughout your immigration process to the United States.

Our Hispanic immigration lawyers in Ontario, CA. will tell you what are the requirements you must meet to be able to work in the United States, the ways to immigrate, how to obtain your green card, how to apply for your citizenship in the United States, among other topics that you can discuss with our Hispanic lawyers. 

Immigration and the process of migrating into the United States can be one of the most difficult processes there is. If you or someone you know needs assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help, no matter the current situation. Having the best immigration lawyers in California can alleviate stress and speed up the process. An immigration attorney in your corner can save you precious time and money.

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Superior Justice: Our history

It is a Hispanic owned and operated law firm. It was established in 1994 on the premise that Hispanics have a right to justice in the face of violence and immigration bias. Superior Justice recognizes the impact of immigration on the daily lives of the Hispanic community. Recognizing that immigrants’ rights can be revoked or eliminated simply because they drove without a license, got divorced, lost custody of a child, had bad legal advice or angered anyone who called immigration, Superior Justice’s mission is to help Hispanics. community obtain the best legal representation in any field of law.

Superior Justice is a group of attorneys and paralegals with over 30 years of combined experience who have helped immigrants obtain legal status and citizenship, defend against criminal charges, expunge prior convictions, obtain custody, support and property, protect their property from creditors, recover money and sue for wrongful termination, fraud and wrongful termination.

Patricia Mireles Attorney: Founder of Superior Justice

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Patricia Mireles is an attorney who founded Justicia Superior, Justicia Suprema. Patricia Mireles has been advocating for and assisting the Hispanic community since 1994. Because of her ties to the Hispanic community, Patricia Mireles has created a unique law firm with the goal of helping the Hispanic community obtain the best legal representation in different disciplines of law, immigration, criminal, family law, bankruptcy and civil.

Why choose us Superior Justice Lawyers?

At Superior Justice we differ from other immigration law firms in that we provide a comprehensive service to the immigrant. Not only do we strategize and legally represent immigrants in their immigration process to the United States, but we also provide advice on finding housing for the immigrant and his or her family, purchasing franchises and/or buying operating businesses, accounting services, and real estate transactions. Superior Justice focuses on solving all the obstacles immigrants face when moving to the United States.

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At Superior Justice we understand that your rights cannot wait, we can put you in contact with the best Hispanic lawyers who will advise you immediately.

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